Olia Lialina, 2020

Network performance for a swimmer, 5 clouds, 70 free hosting services, and 7000 buckets. Commissioned by Arebyte Gallery, London; exhibition automation (AI): Dragan Espenschied; camera: Adrian Schmidt; stuntman: Jurij Espenschied; special thanks to Leo Vetter Bad and Katharina Woydt.

Last updated September 2023

To start and control the animation follow the instructions in a desktop browser of your choice:

  1. Firefox users should de-activate “cycling through tabs in recently used order” in Preferences→General→Tabs.
  2. Close all tabs except this one.
  3. Click each link while holding Ctrl (Linux, Windows) or (MacOS).
  4. Close this tab.
  5. Hold Ctrl and repeadedly hit Tab.